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Japan is a wonderful country to hike in. You can
  • Vulkan  climb volcanoes,
  • Zelt  camp in the snow,
  • Schrein  find remote shrines and temples,
  • Aff  meet monkeys and other animals etc.
The forests range from jungle-like messes over giant cedar trees to Northern evergreen forests. Where trees get sparser in the mountains you can find a rich variety of flowers. And of course, you can meet Japanese people in an environment completely different from Tokyo or Osaka; meeting one-to-one in the middle of nature often leads to interesting conversations more easily than floating around in a stream of thousands of people.
During my time in Japan I made many a nice hike. However, it sometimes took quite some searching or trying to find nice routes, access to these places and the like. A fundamental problem is that most of the people who want to hike in Japan are Japanese and thus read and write preferrably in Japanese. Therefore the vast majority of literature on the topic is written in Japanese.

This page is intended to share some of the information I gathered with other people who want to hike in Japan and are looking for information in English.

The best way to find a hike for yourself is probably the map, but there is also a plain list of the hikes.


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