Ski Mountaineering in the Wattenser Litzum

Over Christmas 2009 I booked a few days on the Litzumer Hütte to get into skiing again after two slow years in Japan in this respect.

When we arrived at the hut, it was already rather dark. The moon was shining on the valley and the Austrian military base situated close by. In the background the Karwendel mountains.

The hut is a comfortable base and offers great food. The first night we had Gamsbraten (chamois) and Kaiserschmarrn, and thus were well-prepared for the first tour.

The sun was hiding as we made our way up towards the Torjoch, but when we reached it, the mountains on the other side were shining in sunlight.

The plan was to go towards Torspitze, but we were a little bit too afraid of avalanches. While the chamois obviously did not share this fear, we turned around after a stop with refreshment. The white in my face is sunprotection, though, not fear.

Since the tour had been a bit shorter than planned, I remounted part of it with a companion, and coming down we found a very inviting virgin hill, where we left our traces.

As always, the second day started by putting on the climbing skins. Then we ascended towards the Western side of the valley.

After a stop halfway up and after passing through a very shadowy and chilly groove, suddenly the view opened up and all the Stubai mountains layed there right in front of us.

The snow was great and thus we kept remounting bits and roaming through the valley.

The deepest point we reached was just above Klammalm.

Then it was climbing back up, while the Stubai mountains were more and more overshadowed by clouds.

On the third day I was a bit tired of taking pictures, and this page is big enough already...