From Ichirino towards Hakusan

In a Japanese guide book I had found a route with skis from Ichirino Onsen to Hakusan. Unfortunately, the text (for all I could read) contained more emotional impressions of the author than concrete information about the course. Nonetheless I set out in the end of April to take a look at it. The Hakusan community bus left me at a curve where a closed road started.

From here I had to carry the skis on my back for a few hours until I arrived at the snow. Then I soon found out that my new equipment was not perfect: the skins' slings were too wide for the skis and thus slipped over the tips. I found a relatively stable low-tech solution.

When I found this shrine sheltered by a few trees, I decided to spend the night there. It was the only piece of even ground without snow.

The first sighting of Hakusan from a few meters above the shrine.

Making some water for dinner and for the next day.

The views in the evening as the sun sank from a clear sky into the mist above the coast.

The next day. First a look back at the trees sheltering the shrine, then a look ahead at the route. It was definitely not skiable, on the other hand it was no good for walking either. The snow was till deep and often enough on brole through it. So I decided to turn back.

If you want to climb Hakusan with skis, I think it is better to choose a different route. Unfortunately, there are no buses to Bettoodeai until summer...