Peter   Leupold

Freelance Computer Scientist based in Helmbrechts, Germany.

Theory and Philosophy of Computation

For most of my professional life I have worked as a researcher and teacher in these fields. My employments were at the universities Rovira i Virgili, Kyoto Sangyo, Kassel, Leipzig and Bremen.

My academic CV provides more details. Most of my publications are also listed on the DBLP website.

Data Science

After extensive experience with databases, I have recently finished the courses for the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.

Now I am looking forward to opportunities to apply the knowledge gained. Check out my resume, also in German.


Throughout my adult life I have realized various projects in different programming languages: C++, Java, Python, Perl, web programming with PHP and JavaScript.

Beyond these I also have considerable experience with SQL and different databases like MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL.

  ---   My old homepage has more personal information.